General Surgery & Anesthesiology

General Surgery Department

The Department of General Surgery provides surgical interventions that focus on the endocrine system, gastrointestinal tract, liver, colon, and other major parts of the human body. Some of the common procedures include appendix, gallbladder removals, colonoscopies, thyroidectomies, hernia and surgeries. The Department also offers proper management to the patients suffering from diseases involving skin, soft-tissue, breast, hernia, and trauma. The department of General Surgery at The Neurocity provides its patients with the services employing advanced surgical care. The department also specializes in Laparoscopic Surgeries (also known as key-hole surgery or minimally invasive surgery), which helps in providing patients with a variety of treatments in the fields of gastroenterology and urology. Using such advanced techniques helps in the speedy recovery of the patients with minimal amount of tissue damage, minimal blood loss, reduced risk of developing infection and hence, minimal pain and discomfort. The general surgery team has its expertise in providing complete patient safety and satisfaction by using all the latest diagnostic and surgical techniques.

Some of the General Surgeries being done:

•Laproscopic Cholesystectomy.

•Laproscopic Appendectomy.


•Hydrocele (U/L and B/L).

•Incisional Hernioplasty, Inguinal Hernioplasty, Inguinal Herniorrhaphy.

•Trans-Urethral Resection of Prostate (TURP)


•HIP Replacement Surgery.

•Knee Replacement Surgery (T.K.R. Surgery).

All types of Fractures and Reconstructive Surgery.

•Maxillo Facial Surgery and Plastic Surgery.

•EAR, Nose, Throat Procedure and Surgery.

All types of Thyroid and Breast Disease Surgeries.

•Thyroidectomy (Total / Subtotal).

•Mastectomy (Radical / Simple).


Anaesthesiology Department

We use the latest diagnostic tests and give the patients access to the newest therapies. We have expertise in all areas of anesthesiology. An Anesthesiologist plays the most crucial role during any surgical procedure and helps the patient to eradicate the pain and hold the life of a patient in his hands. We at The NeuroCity have left no stone unturned to deliver the highest standards of patient care. The Department of Anesthesiology extends its advanced clinical services to all surgical specialties. The Department also provides comprehensive services for patients of acute and chronic pain. Our multi-disciplinary teams of anesthesiologists, nursing officers and technicians have years of experience and are committed to deliver the highest quality and safest care to our patients. Our sole objective is to make the surgical procedure easy for both the surgeon and the patient by providing assured pain management in the best possible manner without compromising on patients’ safety and satisfaction. The Department of Anesthesiology of The NeuroCity Hospital administers advanced anesthesia and maintains the highest levels of professionalism. Our pre-assessment clinic conducts an evaluation of each patient prior to the surgical procedure he or she is to undergo. The evaluation process takes into consideration a host of things. This includes the patient’s complete medical history, his or her current state of health, the planned surgical procedure, the desired outcome and so on. It allows the anesthesiologist to make decision on what is the safest anesthesia plan for the patient in question.

Services Related to Anesthesiology

General Anesthesia

Sedation Techniques

Regional Anesthesia

Epidural Anesthesia

Spinal Anesthesia

Aanesthesia and Pain Management for Surgeries


Conditions that The NeuroCity Anesthesiology commonly treat are the following:

Undergoing Emergency Surgery.

In acute airway and parenteral access management.


Poisoning and Burns Management.

Management of High Risk Cases of Surgery.

Pre Anesthesia Care.

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