Neurosurgery Department

Neurosurgery Department

Our department of Neurosurgery combines innovative technology, world-renowned physicians and a team-based approach to diagnosis and treatment disorders affecting the central nervous system.

Various routine and complicated surgeries are regularly performed with excellent results. We perform surgeries for spinal disc diseases, brain and spinal tumor, brain hemorrhage, aneurysm, and other vascular malformations. The department has round the clock trauma team providing comprehensive care for head injury of the patients. We also have the facility for functional surgery for epilepsy and Parkinson’s disease.

We provide immediate and life-saving procedure for stroke, trauma and related neurological emergencies. Our center offers surgical treatment for a wide variety of ailments such as head injuries &trauma, brain tumors, hydrocephalus, arterio-venous malformations and aneurysms.

Our minimally invasive neuro-spine surgery program is one of the few in the country, offering most advanced solutions. We also offer minimal invasive treatment for disorders like Disc Prolapse, Spinal Tumors, Spinal Fixation and Pituitary Tumors.


We incorporate new technologies for neurosurgical practice at The Neuro City Hospital.

The most performed brain surgeries are for brain tumors, clipping of cerebral aneurysms, excision of AVMs, congenital conditions of the brain and traumatic brain injury and intracranial hematomas.

The most performed spine surgeries arecervical and lumbar disc surgeries, degenerative spine surgeries, surgeries for spinal tumors, spinal injuries and fractures and minimally invasive spine surgeries.

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